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Career Development Training

Career Development Training

At Oceania we’re committed to attracting, developing and retaining people with the highest skills to meet and exceed our clients’ demands.

We’re passionate about development, so we try hard to provide a diverse range of development and training opportunities tailored to suit each individual. Our inclusion and learning culture brings out the best in our people, senior and junior alike, and fosters an environment in which people can excel. Regular features on our calendar are training and updating opportunities, conferences, seminars, professional groups and even coffee talks where we share experiences and best practices.

Oceania is committed to providing appropriate experience and training to enhance the continual professional development of staff.

To help us achieve this, we have set up specific policies and procedures.

Staff competencies are systematically assessed and the necessary training and experience are provided.
In each project, we identify project-specific competencies, training and coaching needs.

We make resources available in the form of systems, support staff, and mentors and encourage open knowledge transfer between individuals by having discussions at varying levels, lengths and types, and developing a definitive, easy and reliable internal documentation system.

We make sure that staff know all about the company’s activities, goals, objectives and performance. We encourage individuals to be proactive in their personal development and we make time available to monitor personal development activities and the impact of the measures that have been taken.


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