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Intro from the Board

The Energy Sector is continually evolving and bringing fresh challenges.†The Oceania Holdings Board guides the organisation, strategically harnessing the innovation and ideas that come from all the companies in the Oceania group. It focuses on developing the strategy of the group to become the energy services provider of choice which focuses on offering the most complete range of services.†The main elements of this are corporate governance best practice, ensuring the implementation of the Group's Business plan by developing commercial models which create demonstrable value to Oceania and its clients alike and corporate finance including mergers & acquisition activity.

The Board also demonstrates and leads the business in its moral and ethical behaviour such that it  is a way in which Oceania Oil does business and not a code or set of rules with which to comply. By maintaining clear channels of communication in both directions, it ensures that Oceania ís people have an environment in which they can flourish.


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